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Chicago Activist & Philanthropist Earley Walker Stars In A&E’s Hit Series “HUSTLE & TOW!”

HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae
Socialites, do you remember Early Walker? The activist and philanthropist who collaborated with a group of Black business owners back in August to combat crimes in Chicago? Well, he’s hitting the big screen to give everyone a closer look at his entrepreneurial side.
After making a bunch of headlines last year, the network tapped Walker once they learned about his successful business aside from activism and community work. Walker, who is the owner of W&W Towing – will now be featured in an all-new Reality series entitled “Hustle and Tow” which already debut on April 20th, 2021. Episodes featuring Walker and his staff will be aired ‪on April 27th @ 9:00 PM central time‬.
The show “Hustle & Tow”  goes deeper into America’s unsung essential workers who perform daily under extremely dangerous conditions, despite every imaginable encounter with unexpected terrain, wildlife, and weather: tow truck drivers. As the network notes, “These hard-working men and women respond to a massive array of calls from recovering stolen cars, to handling contentious impounds, clearing behemoth big rig wrecks, rescuing families who have veered off the highway, and much more. Embedded with diverse shops and drivers in both rural and urban communities across the country, “Hustle & Tow” offers viewers a rugged “day-in-the-life” perspective on tow truck drivers, where depending on the call drivers can either be hailed as heroes or labeled as villains. These drivers – part-mechanics and part-first responders – endeavor to keep the country mobile while moving from one call to the next to get the job done,” the press release stated. Instagram : @wwtowing@mrearlywalker

Fb : @earlywalkerfanpage

Twitter : @early_wwtowing
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