Early Walker (The Owner)

Early Walker is the owner of W&W Towing of Cook County. He built his company from the ground up with just one used tow truck.

But over the past ten years, W&W Towing has grown it’s fleet of trucks becoming a company renowned for his generosity to the poor and less fortunate.

Mr. Walker has been on the front lines to help some of the most unfortunate victims of gun violence throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. He has provided children who have lost their parents to gun violence with

extravagant Christmas shopping sprees. It is during these difficult times that

Mr. Walker has brought numerous smiles to the faces of these children in an attempt to offset the pain associated with these senseless tragedies.

“It is during these difficult timesthat Mr. Walker has brought numeroussmiles to the faces of these children..”

Early Walker has also provided over 25,000 turkeys to families who have struggled to provide themselves with adequate food for Thanksgiving. In addition he recently took ten families to a local Walmart and allowed them to spend up to S200.00 on groceries for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Mr. Walker has been on the front lines to help someof the most unfortunate victims of gun violence…”

However in times of national crisis, Early also rose to the occasion and responded. During the initial announcement of the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis, Early purchased over 30,000 bottles of water and personally transported them to the affected areas of Flint.

During the horrific hurricane of Houston, Texas. Early partnered with suburban municipalities in the collection of water, non-perishable items as well as clothing. He then traveled to the most damaged areas of Houston and personally delivered the items.

And of course many have applauded him for providing a seventeen year old Cancer stricken girl with the opportunity to attend her senior prom. The young girl had a lasting wish while hospitalized to just return to her high school and attend the traditional event. Early provided all her prom needs such as her dress, limousine. make-up hair stylist and other necessities free of charge.

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